We have plenty more quotes and data to illustrate the importance of our work, but not all are for public display. Most often they’re client confidential, sometimes they’re proprietary to our own company and other times they’re specific to a client’s niche business objective at the time. The quotes below should still provide a flavor of our success.
  • Just that one influencer alone you introduced us to was the single most productive meeting I’ve had in at least a year. He can directly take us into almost twenty prospects we’ve not previously had access to. The upside opportunity there could be phenomenal for us.

    SVP, Sales, retail industry software co.
  • If it hadn’t have been for your Report we’d never have got our relationship with HP. That deal’s already brought us income.

    COO, security software co.
  • You’ve just saved us six months and many tens of thousands of dollars getting to market.

    Head of External Programs, top-tier software co.
  • We’ve reviewed the pilot you did for us. We like the results – and we’ve compared them with our other programs. We’re no longer taking the route we were. We want to roll out your program to our other markets now.

    Country Head, global professional services leader
  • I think we can save a lot of our budget by using Influencer50 before investing in a new salesforce in these markets we’re entering. When we do get the sales teams onboard, they’ll now be hitting the ground running.

    Head of Europe, Middle East & Africa, retail services giant
  • We lost a $3.5m deal because we didn’t know the guy you had at No.2. We certainly know him now.

    Director of Marketing, business applications services co.
  • That consultant you made us aware of – he’s immediately just taken us into a $2-3m opportunity. Amazing. Thanks.

    Head of Regional Sales, online software co.
  • Your work alone has done more to put us on the map than anything else we’ve done in the past five years. Without the insights you gave us, we’d never have the partnerships with the global firms we now depend on.

    CEO, business applications software co.
  • The results you’re producing are standing me in good stead with my senior management team!

    Senior Audience Manager, Top 3 software co.
  • What you’re producing is significantly helping our sales teams. Really impressed.

    Go-to-Market Manager, Top 3 software co.
  • I wish I’d have seen this Report before I came for interview here.

    Corporate VP, top-tier software co.
  • The Identification Report you did for us is probably the best value marketing I’ve ever commissioned. Our department uses it every single day.

    Program Manager, top-tier software co.
  • I don’t know why every company doesn’t use you. What you do is terrific.

    CMO, business process software co.
  • I’ve looked at your work and compared it with what we had before. I want to dump that and go with you from here on. Your data looks much more robust.

    Marketing Program Manager, global industrial goods leader
  • You have a fantastic business proposition here – very unique. Impressive.

    SVP, cloud software leader
  • I look at your work and I wonder what we’ve been doing these past few years. Stumbling around is what we’ve been doing. What you’ve uncovered is so exciting for us. For the first time I now think we’re on the right track.

    Sales & Marketing Director, software tools provider
  • What you have is the most refreshing new take on marketing I’ve seen in fifteen years.

    Board Member, Sand Hill Rd., Silicon Valley venture firm
  • I’ve seen enough in our early work together to approve rolling this out to several more countries.

    Global Marketing Manager, Top-tier cloud-based marketing automation software co.
  • We’d like to commission more work from you. Our directors have been very impressed.

    Security Marketing Manager, Top 5 software co.
  • We chose Influencer50 because they have a very differentiated proposition and their early results for us look very promising.

    Marketing Outreach Manager, Top-tier global retailer