There’s no point you identifying your top influencers unless you then go on and engage with them. While Influencer Identification is our start-point with clients, Engagement is the follow-on, though optional, stage.
Influencer Relationship Programs

Either clients can decide to handle all Influencer Engagement themselves, they can ask us to take full responsibility (our High-Touch Engagement Programs) or we can share the load (our Low-Touch Engagement Programs).

Because your real market influencers will come from a variety of backgrounds and job types there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to Influencer Engagement. Influencers certainly don’t want to be mass-marketed to. You can’t just add them to your media release list.

Since there’s no single approach to all, there should be no single outcome you expect from them all. It’s important therefore that you set in advance different objectives for engaging with your influencers. And you’ll need measurable objectives for all, since reaching those objectives is the only way your outreach will continue to be budgeted.

We help with this. We advise on how to creatively approach each influencer, we set stretch targets for this engagement, we project manage all outreach and we measure the achieved results.

Influencer50 Engagement

Identification. Engagement. Measurement. All three are crucial.