Clients of our Identification Programs enjoy complimentary use of our complete and original InfluencerTracker dashboards.
Influencer Program Dashboards

These incorporate tabs for Overview, Summary, Top Influencers, Methodology, Outreach and Measurement. All of our activities during our Identification and Engagement Programs are displayed within our original InfluencerTracker Dashboards. In addition these are used to monitor and track the online activities of those influencers on a real-time basis.

The tab progression moves from ‘What’s our Influencer Strategy program?’ to ‘Who are our influencers?’ to ‘What are they blogging & tweeting about?’ to ‘How are we outreaching to them?’ to ‘Measuring our gains with them’.

In effect they display a complete ‘Influencer Program in a Box’.

Influencer50 ensures each selected influencer’s blog & twitter feeds (if they have them) are displayed live in our tracking windows, such that clients can effortlessly follow which subjects are of most interest to each influencer at any given time. This enables our clients to customize their outreach for optimum results.

Both Influencer50 and its clients can edit and maintain the data within our dashboards. Each Dashboard is client-specific and is made available to our clients for one year from the date of our engagement. Clients can continue to use their Dashboard beyond this period by separate agreement.

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