Our InfluencerTracker Lite & Premium dashboards are available to vendors who have not commissioned our Identification or Engagement Programs and who simply want to track their own named influencers. These are made available to any member of the free to join LinkedIn Group ‘Influencer Marketing & Influencer Relations’.
Influencer Program Dashboards

These dashboards are easy-to-use, proven, client-secure and cloud-based, housing a company’s key influencers allowing you to track their online activity, plan your outreach activity, share your program materials, manage your team’s contact with them and report on your program’s successes back to your senior management. The Lite version has basic functionality and is free, while the Premium version has greater functionality for a small subscription charge, as shown in the table below.

A complete Influencer Program in-a-box

Prioritise each individual, see their online activity in real-time, plan your outreach activity to them, store your program collateral so all of your team (and only your team) can access it, conduct automatic searches online for who’s referencing your company or your competitors (both on the public web and Twitter), and record your team’s interactions with each Influencer.

Our Dashboards are instantly ready to present to your bosses.

All you have to do:

  1. Email us at betaprogram (at) influencertracker.com and we’ll let you know once we can accept you to our Beta program. You can ask for a 1-to-1 demo at any time.
  2. Once you’re onboard, input your own list of influencers who you want to track and engage with. Your data is secure to you – no third-party sees it. It is stored, encrypted, in the cloud.
  3. Give us feedback on how to make our Dashboards even more compelling!

Your Situation

You no doubt are investing significantly in identifying and establishing relationships with your company’s major sales influencers. Now you need a way to unite and display the real-time knowledge you are generating, for both your team and others in your organization to understand.
Now you can monitor the benefits of your Influencer outreach, and instantly report back to management on your progress.

Your Challenge

  • You need to know what each of your top influencers are saying and doing – instantly. 
But you currently don’t.
  • You need to see the topline on what’s being said about your company online and offline. You don’t have the time or inclination to deep-dive all the time.
  • Your influencer outreach activities are recorded in multiple internal siloes, if at all.
  • You can’t instantly produce management reports on your program successes – but you need to.

Our Solution

Our InfluencerTracker Dashboards integrate all of your Influencer Program activities – offline intelligence, online presence and activity / outreach reporting – in a single ultra-low cost web-based Dashboard. It can be updated as automatically, or as manually, as you wish.

The Rationale

  • You know that online web crawlers can only grab online activity – and the vast majority of B2B influence occurs offline. So web crawlers are only a small part of the story.
  • And any measurement you already make of your offline success in the media and other channels is likely in a silo situation.
  • And what happens when your boss wants to immediately know why he should keep investing in your influencer programs? Do you ever have the info to hand?
The InfluencerTracker Dashboard answers all of these.

The Deal

We operate on the Freemium model. We have two versions. Our Free version (InfluencerTracker Lite) incorporates four of our most used functionality tabs while our Premium version incorporates all seven (including Worldview, Progress Monitor and Program Measurement).

Multiple views

Our Dashboards organize your influencer information into a series of tabbed pages – such as Top Influencers, Analyzer, Worldview, Outreach, Progress, and Measurement. Each page incorporates multiple windows.

Social Media & Online Influencers

We track not only your own organization’s online- and social media-based influencers but also those influencing your named competitors. Many information windows are updated in real-time.

Offline Influencers

It’s critical to remember that much of an Influencer’s influence is likely to be conducted offline. So we have the industry’s leading methodology for tracking offline influence too.

Outreach Monitoring

Our Dashboards don’t just monitor Influencer activity. We also track and report on your own team’s proactive Outreach activities with those Influencers.

Contact Management

And our Dashboards incorporate an easy-to-use contact management system so your team members know exactly who’s contacted who, and when. No duplicating effort.

Drill-down Analysis

Many information windows can be expanded to drill-down for more granular analysis and understanding.

On-The-Fly Presentation

No need to kludge together a last-minute PowerPoint to show your exec. team how your Influencer Program is doing. Many information windows can be displayed as instant full-screen presentations.

Product Comparison

  • Max no. of separate Influencer Programs
  • Max no. of Influencers within each Program
  • Online Activity Tracking
  • Worldview (automated competitor comparison searches)
  • Document Repository (store & share your team’s docs)
  • Contact Management (record each team member’s Influencer interactions)
  • Progress Monitoring (graphically review activity status)
  • Program Measurement (4 separate methods of measuring your team’s progress)
  • Lite
    • 1
    • 30
    • Yes
    • No
    • Limited
    • Yes
    • No
    • No

Our Pricing

Our single user upgrade pricing is $39.95 per month, payable by credit card or Direct Debit.
Our Small Team (3-8 users) pricing is $99.95 per month.
Our Large Team pricing is available on request.
A 20% discount is given to those purchasing an annual subscription.
If you’d like to know more, just call or email us at the address in the site footer below.