If you’ve come here you presumably want to track the identities and activities of your company’s most important influencers. We offer two products within our InfluencerTracker dashboard range.
Influencer Program Dashboards

Clients of our Identification Programs enjoy complimentary use of our complete and original InfluencerTracker dashboards. These incorporate tabs for Overview, Summary, Top Influencers, Worldview, Methodology, Outreach & Measurement. All of our activities during our Identification and Engagement Programs are displayed within our original InfluencerTracker Dashboards. In addition these are used to monitor and track the online activities of those influencers on a real-time basis.

Each Dashboard is client-specific and is made available to our clients for one year from the date of engagement. Clients can continue to use the Dashboard beyond this period by separate agreement.

We also offer our InfluencerTracker Lite & Premium dashboards which are available to vendors who have not commissioned our Identification or Engagement Programs and who simply want to track their own named influencers.

These dashboards are easy-to-use, proven, client-secure and cloud-based, housing your company’s key influencers allowing you to track their online activity, plan your outreach activity, share your program materials, manage your team’s contact with them and report on your program’s successes back to your senior management.


The Lite version has basic functionality and is free, while the Premium version has greater functionality for a small subscription charge.

If you’d like to know more, just call or email us at the address in the site footer below.