This page explains our offering for Start-ups. Start-ups need to get to market fast and you can’t afford to spend time outreaching to the wrong people. Neither do you have the time to build general ‘awareness’. You need to get to the people who matter – and only those people. Our Influencer Programs are ideal for you, short-cutting the normal process of reaching the most important market-makers.

We have two options here.

1. Influencer Slipstream

Influencer Programs for Smaller Companies

Slipstream is our offering specifically formulated for those who want to know who their top influencers are but don’t have the resources to manage 50 or more individuals. Slipstream identifies the top 30 influencers within a chosen marketplace, and bundles our Initial Perception Audit into the offering such that each client immediately knows each influencer’s opinion on them from the outset.

We put together a concise, limited scope outreach program which our client then executes. We include a standard functionality InfluencerTracker Dashboard within this Program. A Project duration is typically six weeks.

2. Influencer Limelight

InfluencerLimelight is our agency model for executing Influencer Programs. We undertake the same methodology and processes for Influencer Identification, Engagement and Measurement but with Limelight we operate an agency-client relationship based on a monthly fee retainer.

Influencer Relations agency

These relationships can be based on six or twelve months activity and are managed by our dedicated in-house agency staff. Many companies find this agency model easier to budget for since we agree in advance an affordable monthly fee.

The Identification stage is carried out using the same experienced in-house research teams who undertake Identification for all our clients before passing the findings seamlessly onto our Engagement staff to handle all outreach to those identified influencers.

They then liaise closely with our clients, and use our InfluencerTracker Dashboards to display activity, results and successes.