This page explains our offering for Smaller to Mid-sized businesses. Many of our clients fit into this category.

We have three options here. Feel free to choose which is most appropriate.

1. Our Identification & Engagement Programs

Influencer Identification Programs

Our Influencer Identification services are at the heart of our proposition. Before you reach out to your influencers you first need to ensure they’re the right people. This isn’t easy. If it was we wouldn’t have a business.

We use a combination of offline, online and social techniques as part of our award-winning research methodology. Every individual is reviewed according to eight separate criteria to finally assemble the 30, 50 or 100 most important individual influencers to your specific organization.

All our ranking & scoring activity is carried out by experienced professionals dedicated to this one task. They understand how influence works.

There is no off-the-shelf database of your top influencers – those most important to you may be all but irrelevant to another company. There’s no short cut. That’s why our Identification programs have to be custom.

As a result of the care we take, we can guarantee we’ll identify those who are really influencing your prospects’ decision-makers. Some you’ll likely have heard of, most you wont. They wont just be the few obvious names – many may well be operating under the industry radar. And they likely wont be blogging or tweeting. Once you know who they are, you’ll have a significant competitive advantage.

They may well open up complete new routes to market for you.

Influencer Relationship Programs

There’s no point you identifying your top influencers unless you then go on and engage with them. While Influencer Identification is our start-point with clients, Engagement is an optional stage.

Either clients can decide to handle all Influencer Engagement themselves, they can ask us to take full responsibility (our High-Touch Engagement Programs) or we can share the load (our Low-Touch Engagement Programs).

Because your real market influencers will come from a variety of backgrounds and job types there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to Influencer Engagement. Influencers certainly don’t want to be mass-marketed to. You can’t just add them to your press release list. Since there’s no single approach to all, there should be no single outcome you expect from them all. It’s important therefore that in advance you set different objectives for engaging with your influencers. And you’ll need measurable objectives for all, since reaching those objectives is the only way your outreach will continue to be budgeted.

We help with this. We advise on how to creatively approach each influencer, we set stretch targets for this engagement, we project manage all outreach and we measure the achieved results.

Identification. Engagement. Measurement. All three are crucial to every Program.

2. Influencer Slipstream

Influencer Programs for Smaller Companies

Influencer Slipstream is our offering specifically formulated for SMBs who want to know who their top influencers are but don’t have the resources to manage 50 or more individuals.

Slipstream identifies the top 30 influencers within a chosen marketplace, and bundles our Initial Perception Audit into the offering such that our client immediately knows each influencer’s opinion on them from the outset. We put together a concise, limited scope outreach program which the client then executes.

We include a standard functionality InfluencerTracker Dashboard within this Program. A Project duration is typically six weeks.

3. Influencer Limelight

Influencer Relations agency

Influencer Limelight is our agency model for executing Influencer Programs. We undertake the same methodology and processes for Influencer Identification, Engagement and Measurement but with Limelight we operate an agency-client relationship based on a monthly fee retainer. These relationships can be based on six or twelve months activity and are managed by our dedicated in-house agency staff. Many companies find this agency model easier to budget for since we agree in advance an affordable monthly fee.

The Identification stage is carried out using the same experienced in-house research teams who undertake Identification for all our clients before passing the findings seamlessly onto our Engagement staff to handle all outreach to those identified influencers. They then liaise closely with our clients, and use our InfluencerTracker Dashboards to display activity, results and successes.

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