At their core, all influencers are individuals, not organisations. But many individuals become influential because of the role they play within communities – some offline, some online, some groups have formal structures, others are much looser-based. Certain Influencer Communities may be extremely important to your prospects & customers.
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Why do marketing depts. have such a poor understanding of their prospects’ online & offline communities? The very fact that community groups have changed so much in the past decade or two is a factor in why they’re not treated with sufficient respect today. Today’s marketing heads, most aged in their forties and fifties, learnt their trade when community groups did not enjoy the importance they do now. But survey after survey has shown the influence of such group discussions on today’s eventual purchase choice. Vendors and brands, should, but currently rarely do, allocate one or more executives to immerse themselves in the most important communities, and systematically bring those learnings immediately back into the organization.
Community groups are rarely best dealt with by a vendor’s social media team, though they may have a role to play. Engagement can’t just be ‘farmed out’. Engaging with your most interested community must be intrinsic to your organization itself – product development, customer support, sales and marketing. And which groups a vendors gets involved with should be a well considered decision too, with the central purpose of joining understood to all. Everything has to be measured, and so long as the original purpose for joining is remembered, community involvement can be measured without choosing to monitor the uptick in clicks, visits and fans.
Influencer50, Nick Hayes, Influencer Marketing, Influencer Communities, The Buyerside

As we so often say, vendors, and especially their marketing depts., need to better understand what’s on the minds of their customers and prospects. Where better to do that than from within these online & offline communities?

Our Influencer Communities service provides clients with an ongoing window into their most important offline & online communities. Which are most important and which can be left alone? What conversations are being started there and who is leading the conversation? And are those conversations then being amplified onto the public web and social media? For a monthly subscription we give you a front-row seat so you don’t have to worry about them again.
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