WP#23: Can you better predict who’ll be most influencing in the pitch room?

The ability to know in advance who’ll be deciding your fate offers a critical advantage - the ability to tailor your pitch accordingly and focus on only those most important to you. That [...]


WP#22: Why don’t Marketing Depts. routinely map onto their organisation’s real-world sales influencers?

It’s all about Measurement. Marketing needs to deliver predictable, ever-improving, results - so it goes after targets it can rely on. Real-world influencers aren’t predictable like that. So how [...]


WP#21: What should you do if you’re not convinced by the importance of ‘social influencers’ to your company?

The answer is to go back to basics. And think about how real-world influencers really impact your buyer's decision journey. Over the past three years the very concept of market influencers has [...]


WP#20: Where is B2B Influencer Marketing now and where does it need to go next?

Influencer Marketing has been taken over by uber-cool Instagrammers. 73% of all posts on Influencer Marketing are about social influencers. It's B2C-focused. So what should B2B companies do now?


WP#19: Where’s the evidence for investing in B2B ‘social influencers’?

Whichever figures you believe, social spending by B2B marketing depts. is clearly on the rise. But of all the objectives social outreach can help achieve, there appears to be no proof that [...]


AUDIO PODCAST: Paul Gillin – Why aren’t influencers better understood?

Social Marketing guru Paul Gillin interviews Nick Hayes - July'14 (11:44)

WP#18: To what degree are your prospects & customers influenced by online & offline communities?

Three-quarters of B2B industry marketing heads rate their sector’s main online & offline forums and communities as ‘very important' in influencing their prospects, yet only one-quarter are [...]

WP#17: Commissioning an Influencer Program – What is the Cost of Inaction?

‘No decision’ is now the single largest barrier to sales for B2B vendors. For an Influencer Identification program, what is the cost of inaction, making ‘no decision’ or putting the idea on the [...]

WP#16: Can You Be Influential to a Market and Still Remain Almost Exclusively Offline?

Can a market’s ‘influencers’ now be identified simply by trawling through Twitter, Facebook and blogs to see who’s most discussing the subject and with whom? That’s what plenty of ‘influence [...]