Two or three times a year Influencer50 produces original thought-leadership White Papers on Influencer Marketing topics.

Our latest is WP#19: ‘Where’s the evidence for investing in B2B ‘social influencers’?’ Why are Heads of Marketing still believing that social media outreach will reach those people most influencing their sales prospects? Where’s the supporting evidence?

WP#12: Customer Acquisition & Loyalty

This Paper discusses the following premise: When the money returns to company budgets, it won’t be poured back into traditional Marketing departments. It will instead go into three areas – Sales [...]

WP#8: AR Meets Influencer Relations

This Paper explains how the role of analyst relations needs to change in order to better argue its business case. How can in-house AR programs adapt to encompass the rapidly emerging category of [...]

WP#7: The Influence of WOM

Word of mouth marketing (WOM) is an extraordinary mechanism that communicates marketing messages throughout a community. To paraphrase a popular slogan from the 1970s, WOM reaches the parts other [...]