We have two introductory booklets. The first is ‘Five Reasons You Need an Influencer Program’ and is a CD-size format PDF covering the basics of our Influencer50 approach. The second is our current introductory slide deck. We can’t just allow this deck to be anonymously downloaded as it explains our approach, our clients and our methodology in greater detail. If you’d like to see it, just email us.

Intro Booklet

Five Reasons Why You Need An Influencer Program is our self-explanatory 2010-11 PDF booklet. Its eight short pages give a great introduction to the subject and are as relevant today as they were when written.

Intro Slidedeck

This 2013 slide deck explains our approach to our work, details of our services and some client case studies. We can’t allow it to be anonymously downloaded but if you’re interested, just email us and we’ll be happy to send a copy.
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