Our Library contains plenty of free-to-download or stream thought-leader videos, audio files, white papers, podcasts and more. We hope they’re of use to you. And we’d love to hear any feedback.

Intro Booklets

We have two introductory booklets. The first is ‘Five Reasons You Need an Influencer Program’ and is a CD-size format PDF covering the basics of our Influencer50 approach. The second is our current introductory slide deck.

White Papers

Two or three times a year Influencer50 produces original thought-leadership White Papers on Influencer Marketing topics.

Our latest is WP#19: ‘Where’s the evidence for investing in B2B ‘social influencers’?’ Why are Heads of Marketing still believing that social media outreach will reach those people most influencing their sales prospects? Where’s the supporting evidence?

Market Surveys

Here are the results of our annual surveys. The most recent asked >260 U.S. Heads of Marketing ‘As a vendor, what are you most looking for in your Influencer Marketing outreach?’ Last year we asked whether vendors believed that B2B influence was primarily conducted offline, online or through social channels.

Interviews & Podcasts

From time to time we record audio interviews and podcasts on relevant topics. These are typically third-party interviews with one of our execs.

Intro Videos

Our Intro Videos are all less than three minutes long. Presented by the principals of Influencer50 they explain the concept of Influencer Marketing, how vendors can benefit from this new approach, how to best identify and engage with your company’s most important influencers, and the effect of social channels on who those influencers are.