AUDIO PODCAST: Paul Gillin – Why aren’t influencers better understood?

Social Marketing guru Paul Gillin interviews Nick Hayes - July'14 (11:44)

AUDIO WEBCAST: Social Media Today

Social Media Today Podcast on ‘The Role of Influencers’, Sept’12 (57:16)

RADIO PODCAST – Who’s Influencing Us?

Nick Hayes interviewed for WGN Chicago (Jan’12) (4:32) – unfortunately no longer available

RADIO PODCAST – Who Influences Our Buying Decisions?

Nick Hayes interviewed for WCNY New York (Jan’12) (6:18) – unfortunately no longer available

AUDIO PODCAST – Labcast: Digging Deeper into Influencer Marketing

Nick Hayes interviewed by Brendan Cournoyer of OpenView Labs, Boston (Oct’11) (9:23)

AUDIO PODCAST – Decisionmaker Ecosystems (Part Two)

Barbara French interviews Nick Hayes (Jan’10) (9:09)

AUDIO PODCAST – Decisionmaker Ecosystems (Part One)

Barbara French interviews Nick Hayes (Jan’10) (7:37)